ThinVoid at PIVOT East 2014

This blog post should have come out weeks ago. But we were caught up trying to re-harness our energy, taking charge of what we had already started and returning to the drawing board to add a few more vital points that we had picked up over those couple of days we had at PIVOT East conference.

There’s a storm brewing in the ThinVoid kitchen. A rather large storm; we got a little caught up stirring the pots, slicing and dicing. We had not forgotten to keep our lovely followers in the loop of all that’s happening and what is to come. And that is why I stepped out of the kitchen for a little while to share some of our most recent achievements as ThinVoid; being named one of the top five finalists in the Enterprise category for our amazing product “Tambula” at the Pivot East Competition.

PIVOT East is an East African mobile start-up pitching competition. An m:lab East Africa initiative aimed at converging start-up entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors and potential partners like international corporates and government representatives all within one space. East African start-up entrepreneurs can do more than just dream of implementation and/or furthering the reach of their mobile application ideas and business models. They now have a platform that they could use as their very own megaphone to get their products into the “public-sphere”.

But PIVOT East is far more than just a two day conference through which various East African start-ups get their moment in the spotlight. It’s more than just a competition that facilitates the discovery of the next big thing in East African mobile application development. It is more than pitching your ideas to a panel of judges in hopes of winning the amazing prize of $10,000 that could turn your start-up company around.

PIVOT East goes that extra mile in connecting start-up entrepreneurs with mentors in the varied mobile categories of Enterprise, Entertainment, Finance, Society and Utility. Throughout the numerous weeks before the final conference itself, m:lab was in touch with each of the finalists, sharing vital information and knowledge with regards on how best to write and improve a business model, how to pitch your ideas and products, skills that most entrepreneurs often only receive and nurture with repeated fails. We were fortunate enough to attend a number of seminars that shed a lot of light on the business side of starting up a company and opened our eyes

The conference itself that was held on the 24th– 25th June at the Panari Hotel had a number of panel discussions dubbed “fireside chats” that tackled topics that were of great and significant benefit to us.

Even though ThinVoid did not return with the ultimate prize, we left with our minds buzzing and our brain wheels turning with everything we received and a deal of satisfaction for the name we managed to create for ourselves in a different market. We’re certainly pleased about all the potential partners and clients, mentors and friends that we connected with while in Nairobi.

We like to believe that we have become much better individuals and a far more knowledgeable company after the PIVOT East conference. As I return to the kitchen to all the dicing and spicing, I will leave you with this;

ThinVoid is a rising star.

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Many thanks to the m:lab team in Nairobi for opening their doors to us and making us feel at home.