ThinVoid; Bridging the gap


Who we are;

ThinVoid (U) Ltd is a company registered in the republic of Uganda with a vision of becoming one of the greatest contributors to technology not only in Uganda but the entire world. We consider ourselves a disruptive technology company employing cutting edge solutions based on global standards while having a critical understanding of our local environment, markets and tech-space. We typify global solutions to local problems.

As ThinVoid (U) Ltd, we work through the empty technology void, that currently spans our technology space, and use our technical and creative abilities to provide creative-tech solutions. Whether it’s automating payment systems using local mobile currency platforms, or integrating marketing functions across the broad technology spectrum or even tracking systems that embody awareness, ease and pragmatic functionality, we deliver.


We believe in partnerships; we believe in people. We believe in aiding more people accomplish their own business’ goals by creating simple solutions to pressing issues. That’s why our mission is to create and manage partnerships that grow our partners – and us in the process. We do this through integrating technology to bring new business frontiers for our partners and a new world of experience for our clients – and our clients’ clients.

We ensure to research, design, develop and deploy technologies to meet challenges faced by communities and businesses. The challenges that we address are not specific to individuals or particular businesses but are common to groups or individuals (communities) and sets of businesses. This way the technology that we develop is of cutting edge standards and can be adopted into various systems.

Thin Void ltd was incorporated on August 22nd, 2011 in Kampala, Uganda and has since grown to be a leading disruptive solutions provider in Africa. The team is composed of talented, forward thinking and highly enthusiastic individuals with a diverse set of skills and are ready to take on any challenge. Members of our team are noted key personalities in Kampala’s growing tech industry and have, over the past few years, been nominated for several prestigious product development and innovation awards. Through collaborations with local and international partners, ThinVoid is continuously augmenting a vast set of skills and has developed a network that includes the very best in the business.